Schick Enterprises: Premium Products and Solutions for Today's Pork Industry

Schick Enterprises provides premium products and solutions to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing pork industry.

From hog fencing and sow housing to swine sorting and grow-finish management, there’s no challenge we can’t help growers and integrators of any size overcome.


Tradition meets technology

At Schick Enterprises, we understand the pork industry because it’s our industry. We grew up on hog farms. We understand the lifestyle – the hard work and the dedication required to run a successful swine business. And we take pride in combining that experience with hands-on knowledge of the rapidly changing world of pork production. As the industry evolves, so do our solutions – arming growers and integrators with the tools they need to be successful today … and tomorrow.


Premium pork industry products and solutions

We’re far more than a manufacturer or engineering firm. Our pork industry products and solutions range from hog equipment and sow feeding stations to state-of-the-art computer software and turnkey swine barn solutions. All are backed by more than 40 years of hard-won expertise and a company-wide focus on honesty and ethical business practices. Our offerings include:

Visipork grow-finish production software

The most user-friendly, complete grow-finish production software on the market for hog growers and integrators, Visipork is designed to increase production visibility, promote efficiency and maximize profitability. LEARN MORE

Durable hog fencing and gating

Made in the USA, our custom hog fencing and gating, bowed bar farrowing crates, finger farrowing crates and gestation stalls are designed to provide years of worry-free use. All are deployed after in-depth consultation and engineering counsel from a Schick Enterprises expert. LEARN MORE

SortAll® Revolution 2

The SortAll® Revolution 2 is a highly automated hog sorting system designed to encourage consistent growth, provide growers and integrators with highly organized data, and promote informed business decision-making. LEARN MORE

Sow housing solutions

Our robust, humane large pen gestation solutions include trickle-feed and drop-feed feeding stations and the AGS automatic gestation system. LEARN MORE

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