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SortAll® Revolution 2

The SortAll® Revolution 2 Automated Hog Sorting System

The SortAll® Revolution 2 is a highly automated hog sorting system designed to encourage consistent growth, provide growers with well organized data, and promote informed decision-making.

Constructed entirely out of stainless-steel, each scale is equipped with a software interface, giving producers access to both granular and big-picture information on the health and progress of two large pens’ worth of pigs (up to 1400 head). When properly managed, SortAll finishers can outperform conventional finishers in sort loss, loading time, and growth rate.

SortAll® Scale

  • Single scale handles two pens
  • Automatically controls pig flow with 4 pneumatic gates
  • 100% 304 Stainless steel construction

Does the SortAll® Revolution 2 hog sorting system work?

Absolutely – and the data bears it out. When designed and operated properly, SortAll® Revolution 2 finishers outperform conventional finishers – with added benefits like business intelligence data and ease of pig handling while marketing.

The following tables compare the performance of SortAll Revolution 2 and conventional finishers across several sites, where more than 160,000 pigs were sold.

SortAll® Finisher Performance by Site

* Site had significant health problems

Conventional Finisher Performance by Site

SortAll® vs. Conventional Finisher