Sow Housing & Large Pen Gestation

Schick Enterprises provides premium sow housing solutions for the pork industry. Large pen gestation, feed stations and more!

Schick Enterprises provides a full line of durable, humane and efficient solutions for large pen gestation and group sow housing.

From modern drop feed stations and trickle feed stations to the enterprise-class, RFID-based Automatic Gestation System (AGS™), we offer the equipment – and the know-how – growers and integrators need to outfit their large pen gestation or group sow housing facility.

Sow feeding: Drop feed stations & trickle feed stations

Schick Enterprises’ drop feed stations and trickle feed stations for group sow housing are efficient, long-lasting solutions for any hog barn.

Our modern drop feeding stations and trickle feeding stations are designed to allow growers to feed sows in large or small groups. Centered feed tubes allow for sow eating comfort, and PVC drop tubes ensure smooth feed flow. Quick, bolt-together assembly means decreased installation and maintenance costs – and both systems are backed by Schick’s legendary customer service.

  • Durable construction – made in the USA
  • Use with a stainless steel feed pan or concrete pan
  • Ensure maximum eating comfort – and enjoy quick ROI
AGS™ from Schick: Automated sow housing management

AGS, Schick Enterprises’ automated large pen gestation and group sow housing solution is the ultimate alternative to conventional gestating methods.

Schick Enterprises specializes in helping growers and integrators design and outfit custom barn designs. Contact us to learn more.

AGS automates large pen gestation while providing sows with access to individual feeding stations. No other RFID-based gestation system boasts as many efficiency-creating capabilities and benefits as AGS. Our group sow housing solution utilizes RFID technology to feed, track, separate and sort groups as large as 300 sows. Tasks such as feeding, vaccinating and preg-testing are simplified using this automatic sow management tool. This results in:

  • Improved sow conditioning
  • Minimized sow aggression
  • Decreased maintenance and staffing costs

Like all Schick products, AGS is developed, engineered and manufactured in the United States, using only the most durable, high-quality materials.

How does AGS™ work?

To use the AGS automated large pen gestation system, a grower must divide the sow housing room into two primary areas. The larger area is for feeding, and the smaller area is for loafing. The feeding area is outfitted with Schick Enterprises trickle feed stations, and a separate spot is designated for light feeding.

Sows have access to the loafing area from the feeding area via one-way gates. They have access to the feeding area from the loafing area via the AGS Interrogator – the system’s proprietary RFID reader. Upon reading the sow’s unique RFID tag, the Interrogator queues any number of actions – painting, sending to light feeding area, sorting to alley or sending straight ahead back to the normal feeding area. The result is less aggressive sows, minimum maintenance and decreased costs.

Learn how Schick Enterprises can help you build the ultimate group sow housing or large pen gestation facility. Contact us today.