Visipork - Grow-finish production software from Schick

New from Schick Enterprises, Visipork is simply the most complete, most user-friendly grow-finish production software suite on the market today.

[cta position=”right”]Visipork delivers enhanced production visibility, increased efficiency and maximum profitability, all in one user-friendly package. Contact us to learn more.[/cta]

In today’s pork industry, nothing is more important than production visibility. In order to maximize profits, producers need access to critical operational data at a moment’s notice. And that doesn’t just mean after-the-fact reports. Solutions are needed to help do pork production, not just report on it.

Introducing Visipork: intuitive grow-finish production software designed to increase swine production visibility, promote efficiency and maximize profitability for hog growers and integrators.

Unlike other software solutions, Visipork grow-finish production software is designed from the ground up to be much more than a data entry and reporting tool. Features include:




Best of all, Visipork is a single, tightly integrated solution, allowing producers to easily replace legacy software, spreadsheets and paper files. Information from third-party sources, like feed invoices, sale confirmations, packer payments and kill data, can be imported at the press of a button. There’s no more intuitive, efficient way to manage the entire grow-finish cycle in the pork industry.


Visipork: Integrated pork production software

Visipork grow-finish production software. Better than Metafarms!

Visipork grow-finish software technology

Visipork is a cloud-based grow-finish production software solution designed to meet the needs of today’s pork producers. Visipork is hosted in some of the most advanced data centers in the world, providing maximum uptime, highly redundant data storage and enterprise-grade security.

There is no new software to install, and no new hardware to buy. In most cases, Visipork can be fully implemented – and providing significant ROI – in just 90 days!

The software was custom-built from the ground up by a cross-functional team of pork industry veterans and engineers. This unique development process – using only modern applications and tools – ensures that Visipork provides value to producers “out of the box,” without the need for time-consuming customization. And it’s user-friendly enough that any producer can take advantage of its features!


Transparent, straightforward pricing

Visipork pricing is based on the total number of pigs started in nursery and finishing groups per year, billed monthly. The price we quote is the price you pay, period.

We don’t charge setup fees. We don’t charge subscription cancellation fees. There are no charges other than your monthly service price.

[cta]Visipork can fundamentally improve the economics of your swine industry business. Contact us to learn more. [/cta]