People Are Talking …

John Stevens 3

I’d recommend Schick Enterprises to anyone in the swine industry. I’ve recommended the company to many people. If managed right, their products will save your company a lot of money.
John Stevens

John Stevens 2

Paul Schick is a super guy to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. One of the biggest benefits is that he’s always available to talk to and help troubleshoot.
John Stevens

John Stevens 1

The difference with Schick is the technology that is involved. I take care of 10,000 pigs. Schick saves me a lot on labor costs, and helps the marketing situation.
John Stevens

Mick Madson 3

I’d recommend the SortAll Revolution 2 to anybody who wants to take the physical abuse out of raising livestock.
Mick Madson
Tri-M Farms – Westbrook, Minn.

Merv Rieger 3

Schick Enterprises is honest, reliable and knowledgeable, and that makes a huge difference. They have a great reputation. I would absolutely recommend Schick to any of our customers.

Merv Rieger 2

Schick Enterprises give far better customer service than the competitors. They'll always call you back if there are problems.

Merv Rieger 1

Paul Schick is a good guy. His system is very good and well built. I think the main thing is that he has knowledge from raising pigs himself. He designed the pig flow.

Mark Vonholten 2

Having the designer of Schick's products available any time is a plus. Whenever I call, Paul Schick is always there to help. He’s got a broad knowledge base of pork production.
Mark Vonholten

Mark Vonholten 1

The SortAll Revolution 2 works better than the competitors, simply because it doesn’t force the pig to go through the scale every day to get food and water. We get better performance.
Mark Vonholten

Mick Madson 2

Schick Enterprises' customer service has been great. I can call Paul Schick 24 hours a day.
Mick Madson
Tri-M Farms – Westbrook, Minn.