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At Schick Enterprises, we pride ourselves in providing growers and integrators with premium products and solutions for today’s pork industry.

From turnkey barn designs and
high-quality hog equipment to our state-of-the-art Visipork grow-finish production software, there’s no challenge we can’t help you overcome.

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  • Find the Right Solution

    For decades, growers and integrators large and small have trusted Schick Enterprises fencing and gating in their barns. Why? It's durable, cost-effective – and made in the USA! LEARN MORE

  • Harness Modern Technology

    New from Schick Enterprises: Visipork grow-finish production software. It's the most user-friendly way to access critical operational data at a moment's notice. LEARN MORE

  • Maximize Efficiency & Profits

    The SortAll® Revolution 2 automated hog sorting system encourages consistent growth, provides highly organized swine data and promotes informed business decision-making. LEARN MORE


John Stevens 3
I’d recommend Schick Enterprises to anyone in the swine industry. I’ve recommended the company to many people. If managed right, their products will save your company a lot of money.
John Stevens

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